Artist Statement

My explorations of clay and processes making is inspired by the different themes that i am . In my recent work I am working with the theme  freedom vs. constraint  which is explored through symbols such as saddles and reins.  I am interested in the domineering attributes and how the tools are made for our convenience to prevail.    I also use different body parts in order to make the form of my sculptures to manipulate the shape which is a symbol for time vs. destruction over time. 

I am interested in exploring my personal relationships to myself, nature and others through the ceramic material and i do this by working in sections and placing works together after firing.  This results in many fragments of the whole, all connected through placement or other forms of media.

For me the process of ceramic art making has been inspirational from the beginning of my practice. The flexibility of clay and the Japanese philosophy  of the ceramic processes has inspired my reason for choosing this material.