About Me

Artist Statement

I think of my sculptures as notes in a piece of music; each note is dependent on the next in order to complete the symphony. This results in many fragments of the whole, all connected through placement or other forms of media.

Finding a balance and language amongst the pieces after their firing shows my exploration into the theme independence vs. Dependance.  This is a direct parallel to the human relationship with oneself, each other and to our environment. The element of fragility between these words is what I want my viewer to feel whilst looking at my work.

My practice also incorporates works where the audience is involved in the creation of the work. In the piece “Piece Pillars” handprints were collected from pedestrians and put together to form large pillars symbolizing solidarity and strength through togetherness.

For me the process of ceramic art making has been inspirational from the beginning of my practice. The flexibility of clay, the Japanese Raku firing process and the philosophy is seen throughout my work. Asymmetrical and organic forms where I let the nature of the clay and glaze speak. This brings a harmony and balance to the language of the material and my impact upon it.